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Hyde Park Steampunk Coat

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One of the coolest Steampunk traditions for women is using a stately jacket that can be worn with a variety of skirts. This Hyde Park Coat is fitted the bill! Made of a black poly brocade, this crisp jacket features chocolate colored lace braid detailing on front and lapels, along with faux leather detailing with buttons. Two silver and black metal buttons in front keep the front securely closed. Shoulders have a faux leather epaulet detail. Faux belted bordered cuffs, a side lace detailing and a faux leather belt in rear finish off this amazing jacket. A black lace kick pleat overskirt and a brown sheer cascade ruffle underskirt make the back of this coat as stunning as the front. Polyurethane. Available in sizes S, M, L or XL. This ruffle coat looks great with pants as well!

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