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Hand Forged Iron Adjustable Saw Hook for Cauldrons

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Cooking over an open fire can be tricky since you can't turn down the flame. If your pot or pan is too low, it can burn your meal and if it is too high, it might not cook food thoroughly. This is where a kettle saw comes in handy. Perfect when used with our Medieval Cooking Tripod.

Key features:

• The saw allows you to lower and raise your pot as needed with 10 adjustable lengths.
• A securing 1-11/16” ring is featured at the top of the saw, which can hang from a cooking tripod or through a branch of a tree.
• A secure 3-1/2” hook for kettles, cauldrons or pans is at the bottom.
• Made of hand forged iron with a natural finish.
• Closed: 16-1/4" long
• Extended: 24" long
• Weight: 2 lbs / 7 oz
• Perfect for re-enactment, from Viking and Medieval camps to feasts and festivals!

**Reviews taken from our sister websites.

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