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Green Man Flask

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The Green Man has appeared in many pictures and literature, most notably Pub signs. Our polished pewter Green Man round flask comes in a two-part presentation box and features the design on front with a porthole window on the reverse. This enables you to see how much liquid you have left to make sure you never go out empty. The cap is a screw on fit, making it easy to undo without a cork stopper. 

Also available: Rampant Lion Round Pewter Flask

  • Overall: 3-1/2" across
  • Capacity: 4.5 oz

Easy care for Pewter One of the advantages of pewter is that it does not need regular polishing to maintain its gorgeous appearance; pewter does not tarnish like silver. To maintain your pewter pieces, an occasional cleaning with a quality proprietary metal polish like Flitz will keep it looking brilliant. Pewter Care Instructions here

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