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Don Juan Layered Black Sash

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Don Juan, the `Seducer of Seville,’ originated as a hero-villain of Spanish folk legend, and his fame spread through the rest of Europe in the 17th century. The name "Don Juan" is a common metaphor for a "womanizer". This fictitious character is a symbol of libertinism and has captured the imagination of many, especially Hollywood, as Don Juan DeMarco and Don Jon. Costumes and Collectibles brings to you a fine selection of Don Juan costumes complete with the Mask, Sash and the Cape.

The Don Juan Black Sash is a great addition to any men’s period outfit. This poly-cotton blend sash offers a polished look with its layered appearance. Buttons enable fit for different waist sizes. The sash can be paired with these pants, shirt, vest, cape, mask and hat for the complete Don Juan look. Get ready to turn up the charm.

: Dry clean recommended. S/M (28-34 inches) and L/XL (34-41 inches). 


  • Made of poly-cotton blend
  • Exhibits two long, diagonal tails
  • Buttons for comfortable fit
  • Ideal for Renaissance fairs and historical reenactments

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