Children's Costumes and Accessories

Costumes and Collectibles (C&C) does not limit its wonderful range of merchandise to adult men and women. We will not ignore children, who have every right to enjoy the entertainment that magnificent eras of the past have to offer!

To this end, C&C carries a wonderful selection of historical costumes for little girls from ages 6 through 12, including fair maiden, queen and steampunk lady costumes. We also have an equally splendid selection for little boys of the same age group, such as knight, musketeer and steampunk gentlemen costumes.

Imagine these little versions of squires, monks and knights running around? Or, for that matter, little fairies, princesses and steampunk women? If your daughter or son wants to look like they belong in a Renaissance fair, medieval festival or Halloween party, we may have a few items to satisfy their imagination.